Ten years after operating the violent war against the state to topple monarchy for the communist dictatorship, major leader of the Maoist Celebration stresses the value of unified non-violent movement to bring down autocracy in Nepal

So Dr. Baburam Bhattarai swiss hublot replica , revolutionary by some and terrorist for other folks, tries to convince us that the Nepal will see an "April Revolution" and that the peaceful movement against autocracy will effectively restore democracy in the nation this time about. Writing an op-ed piece in today's edition of Kantipur everyday, Dr Bhattarai says, "It is felt everywhere that the pro-democracy movement has reached towards the decisive turning point after the second understanding involving the Maoists and pro-parliament forces and announcements of programs of strike and non-cooperation programs beginning from April 6." He ends his optimistic and 'the glass is half-full' variety of article with this warning sentence: "But there's only one particular situation that the party leadership should lead [the movement] firmly."

It is certainly a refreshing expertise to read an post arguing for peaceful movement from the man who is waging an armed struggle against the state for the final ten years hublot replika . Dr. Bhattarai, second only to Comrade Prachanda u boat u42 , once again the revolutionary for some and terrorist for others, within the Maoist Party, hublot replica heavily defends the second edition of the 12-point understanding with political forces (and points out that exactly the same is has "disappointed a big section of the pro-democracy movement by not having the ability to find the widespread slogan and solid agenda for the movement against autocracy") saying that there is no have to worry the possible state-measures against the movement. It is been proved, Dr. Bhattarai writes, in the practical experience on the 1990 movement that we can't shake the 250-year-old roots of your autocracy with no the unity amongst communists, non-communists, replica cartier pro-parliament forces and non-parliament democratic forces. "It is totally needed that these two forces be united to establish the democracy by ending the autocracy that each of your movements couldn't realize," he writes.

Citing the examples of how the autocratic king was forced to declare the 1980 referendum just after the movement spread and intensified from a modest protest against the hanging of Bhutto in Pakistan and 1917 'February Revolution' in Russia, Dr. Bhattarai concludes, "That is why the April 6-9 struggle bears the capacity and prospects of giving birth of an 'April Revolution' in Nepal."

Everyone is speaking about "Purna Prajantra" or full democracy in Nepal these days but Dr. Bhattarai says that no body has come up with the exact definition of purna loktantra or full democracy. There may well be no variations with the conclusion, he writes, that full democracy indicates democratic republicanism as there is a massive majority of persons advocating for the democratic republicanism in important political parties.

may be the original report in Nepali.

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